Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy Harry Hardon

It's not what you think! Come on this is a family blog. Happy Harry Hardon is the pirate radio name Christian Slater gave himself in the movie "Pump up the Volume". A classic from 1990 and the feature film of girls night tonight!

Maise, Vanessa and I are headed out tonight to join our friends Lisa and Liz for a Slater Fest! Totally random but very exicting. There will be popcorn and nail polish and I am sure very bored kids. Ok I must admit tonight is more for the moms, the movie selections are over their head. But that's why there are three kids so they can play. Smiles! Tonight the girls have there first "sleepover".


  1. It sounds like you are going to have a ball on your sleep over!

    I guess I missed that movie???? Weird....

  2. One of the best movies ever! A Slater fest sounds awesome. I've always had a love for him and this movie. I have the movie and soundtrack. Totally enjoyed the vid.

  3. Sharon it is a great teen angst movie!

    Missy it was so crazy we thought their were so many options but we were surprised to see a limited filmography. Funny how he is bigger than his credits!