Sunday, June 24, 2012


Do you see it?

Maise is all about volcano’s. She saw them on Little Einstein’s and wanted to know more about them. We went online and looked up all kinds of volcano clips. She is really fond of the ones showing lava going into the ocean. When she showed me this picture I just could not believe it. I think it is awesome. The best part was she was able to tell me what she drew and what was happening in the picture. Check it out:

She is amazing! I mean really how cool?

The end of the clip as she details daddy's shoes melting was from our Hawaii video. I was so excited to actually show has been all boxed up for some time. Wow, come to think of it that video was from 10 years ago. Our 25th birthday gift to ourselves! That means I am going to be 35 this year! How is that for some perspective? Nothing like 10 year measureable scales of life! I think the last 10 are pretty noteworthy!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Strawberry Fields Forever

I have wanted to go strawberry picking since I was a teen going to my first OzzFest at Alpine Valley in East Troy, Wisconsin. There is a little place about half way there that I always saw advertised but have never stopped at. I never went because it did not seem like anyone else had interest. Funny because now I find out one of my closest friends in the world who took that same ride over and over to Alpine with me desired the same thing!

The girls and I had some time a few Sundays back and we stopped at Stade’s Farm in McHenry. Stade’s is a wonderful place; we have gone there before for pumpkins. We are looking forward to raspberry picking there as well. Cool place and so glad we were introduced by April. After posting a picture of our day on facebook other friends in the area mentioned how they would have gone also. I guess it was not just my dear Erica and myself longing for a strawberry adventure. Next year is going to be so much fun meeting up with other pals and doing both the McHenry and Wisconsin farms.
So the funny thing is the anticipation did not meet up to the excitement of actually picking strawberries. It was ok. I mean I had the best time with my girls and I am so happy that we got the opportunity but it was just ok and a lot of bending. The unseasonably HOT weather made for tiny strawberries but they were so sweet and delicious! It was a great day and so glad to scratch another thing off my bucket list.
Now let’s see if I actually make it to go apple picking this fall….crossing my fingers I want to try that so bad. Until then here are some snapshots from our “Strawberry Sunday”:


Do big dogs go to heaven?

Do elephants go to heaven? Do bears go to heaven? Do mommies go to heaven? Are you serious - she is a three year old!

So why is heaven and who goes there the big issue in Maise’s life? Well we lost our Beta Bo. He was a good fish. We bought him for Maise when she was around 1 and it was her fish to take care of and her 1st responsibility. She would say hi to him and ask to sit on the counter top so she could get even closer to him daily.

We found him under his car in the morning. When reflecting back both Joe and I thought he seemed a little drifty and off the night before. But we were rushing around that morning and had a lot going on so we held out to tell her at night. Is 3 the right age for the heaven talk? It sat heavy but we decided to tell Maise what happened and have a little salute to him before hitting the porcelain highway. I was hoping for an outcome like in Poltergeist; when the girls buries her fish and asks for a bird. But that was not the case.
At first she took it ok but we pushed to make sure she really understood. That is when she started crying and telling us she wanted Bo back…she wanted her blue fish back. She was so sad. She wrapped her arms around Joe and cried into his shoulder. She was so emotional and beautiful at the same time. She really is such a gentle soul. Sweet Little Maise. That night we sat up for awhile and Maise kept asking about who and what go to heaven…”kevin” is actually what she was saying that night but I was not about to correct her.
A few days past and we got her a few more fish; 1 Beta and 3 goldfish. A few weeks later we now have 1 gold fish and 1 Beta named Nemo and Bo (depending on which kid you ask). Black Fish and Nemo you were an awesome pets while you lasted. And now we have expanded the family by 1 more. Black Bird our new parakeet came home to live with us last night. Black Bird has been his name since daddy told Maise she could have one and she could not be more pleased. He is green with some blue feathers. She ran up to the door last night yelling “Daddy we got an angry bird! We got an angry bird”!

It has been about a month since the “tragedy”.  She still asks about animals and people and if they can go to heaven. Now at least she is being silly and will trick you and say “Do cars go to heaven”?, and we laugh and say silly no.
So wild. I never expected to have such a heavy talk with my girl already. Scary how many MANY more we are going have. But got 1 out of the way.