Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gyro Bowl

A bowl that your child can’t spill…really?
I had to test this out! Thank goodness my dear lovely Auntie Bev supports my passion for "As Seen on TV" products and bought us these bowls a Christmas or two ago. As a gift I love them but if I had paid I may be a little upset. The cost is reasonable but the claim that it will not spill is absolutely incorrect. Maybe for a master eater or older child but these bowls were advertised to younger children often times showing food items like Cheerios in them. Honestly when you intentionally challenge the bowl with twist, turns, or possible spill opportunities it does its job. But in real world conditions you will still end up with a screaming toddler/preschooler in the next room upset that their snack is on the floor.

I don’t totally dislike the bowls.
  • I think the construction of the bowl is fantastic.
  • The bowls separate and are easy to put back together for cleaning purposes.
  • The novelty, even if not perfect, is pretty cool.
  • And to be honest a spaceship looking bowl is fun for kids.
  • It is also pretty neat that it stands on its own when kids are between bites.

My mom review of this product is a C+!

The cost is usually between $10-15 and will hold up against daily kid bangs and bruises!

I would not purchase this again. But that being said I do still use the two I have now and continue to challenge the no spill claim!

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