Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November Snapshots

November brought on the cold but that didn't stop us from hitting the park!

Gobble Gobble from the Parylak's!
Check out our painted turkeys...Joe even got his hands dirty on this one!

Two Little Turkeys!

Modeling from head to toe...check out that point!

A Thanksgiving Miricle, Nessa is no longer afraid of BooBoo!

Some families have kid tables. We make 'em eat off the floor...totally kidding!

The first cousins hotel party...they are only gonna get more wild!

Have a great week!

Our Friend Tyler

(This post is about 3 weeks late but something I still wanted to share).....

This past week was a very hard week as we (our playgroup) lost a friend that was the same age as Maise. It was horribly difficult. We felt very close to this boy’s story as we have been following his illness since they discovered it at just 4 months old. His name was Tyler, born to a woman named Stephanie that I met when we were both pregnant with Tyler and Maise.

I was not surprised when many members from our mom group made efforts to go to say goodbye in person. I was supposed to be one of them, unfortunately, last minute, I was unable to join my friends.

During Stephanies process she allowed us to be her support. She lived online while being there for Tyler. I think it was so brave of her to be willing to share her story and I hope she gained something wonderful from the people that joined to support her and be there to listen.

I had a dream about Tyler last night. He was happy! He was playing cars and running around with other kids. He was a boy a little boy playing and laughing with other kids. It was like this image of heaven and all these beautiful children together was exactly where he was supposed to be. In my dream he ran to a table with ramps for his cars, when he got to the table all the kids ran up to him to play with him like they knew each other forever, patting him on the back like he just won the big game.

This experience has been so life changing. During this process I have thought more about God than I have in a long time. I have evaluated my scheduling and time I spend with my own family, I have learned how wonderful peoples hearts are and how big their hearts could be. I have learned what real friendship is like and what strenghth really is.

I think Tyler was pretty amazing and we who got to know him are all better off because of it. I want to tell Stephanie that she is pretty amazing also. In all the pictures and videos of Tyler  in and out of the hospital, sometimes even in tubes or while wearing a protective mask…he was smiling, giggling, and happy he was truly the happiest kid. I look at photos of my own kids and must admit not all of them are smiling. Ha, sometimes I took the bad ones on purpose! But I don’t remember the bad ones of Tyler. They were all pretty happy and I think Stephanie must be a pretty amazing mom to be able to do that.

Thank you Stephanie for bringing Tyler into this world!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Halloween 2011

This year was a lot of fun as both girls were able to enjoy it at a whole new level. Maise went up to all the houses and actually said "Trick or Treat" and "Thank You"! Nessa held her bag for the most part and even walked up to a house or two. She was still pretty shy but I was sure impressed!

We tackled 3 days...actually 4 days of happy Halloween Activities! And enjoyed every minute with our friends and cousins!

Halloween weekend started off with a visit from our friends Johnny and Lisa and their mom Liz. They came over and we set up supplies to paint pumpkins! It was awesome! We got a little dirty, got a little creative, and had a lot of fun!

Our second night of Halloween we met our friends Josh and Hailey and their mommy and daddy Autumn and Philip at Spring hill Mall for some indoor trick or treating. I will be honest I did not expect Spring hill to be very busy but they were! The mall was out of candy in about a half hour. Pretty cool! For mall trick or treating we dug into our costume box and recycled some old costumes. For the mall we had Maise the cowgirl and Nessa aka Mickey the Mouse!

Day three we drove out to Round Lake for a little cousin and friends trick or treating! The girls and I met with their cousins Vito and Rocco and mommies cousins Darryl and Angel. Godmother Erica, Ted and their kids Mr. Dylan and Mr. Christian! First house we stopped at we got a big bag of Skittles and a full sleeve of Starbursts! Rockin' was meant to be a good day! We had a lot of fun even when we got twisted up at the end and kind of got lost. For day three we went back to the play clothes and Maise was a bubble princess and Nessa was a Bears cheerleader. Crazy that just a year ago Maise was in the very same costume.

And for the finale the real deal HALLOWEEN DAY! We had an awesome day with 2 adorable 1st Halloween that is! Maise and Nessa got to go trick or treating with Uncle C and the twins!!! Elie was an adorable Princess Lea and CJ was a very scary Darth Vador! Maise was a ladybug and Nessa was a bee! We all met at my house and did some Morton grove trick or treating and had a blast. It got a little cold so we only did a few blocks but we did it together! After candy grubbin' we went back to the house and had pizza and played in the girls' new room. One of the best Halloween Holidays of all time!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Adler Planetarium

Adler Planetarium
Chicago, Illinois

Last Tuesday Joe took the girls to Adler Planetarium for the first time. He said they had an amazing time. They had the place to themselves and it looks like they really enjoyed it! 

What a fantastic day!