Sunday, January 22, 2012

Painting Snow

We tried a new activity we found on Pinterest this weekend and it turned out to be a lot of fun. We painted snow and made our winter wonderland a color wonderland! All you need for this activity is some food coloring, water and a squirt bottle. Our first attempt was not very bright so for our second attempt we added a little extra food coloring and had a much better result.

Have a great week!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cold Nights and Crafty Kids

Cold winter nights are the perfect time for arts and crafts. Maise and I finally got around to our sand art kit. I think I bought this like 2 years ago. It was a lot of fun and Maise did amazingly well conserving. She was very careful when pouring and made a few nice designs. The activity only came with two sand holders so we were very limited as for time doing the activity. I liked it and would do it again but definitely with a larger kit. We used a finger paint tray to work on so clean up was very easy!

Like I said unfortunately this activity was short lived due to lack of supplies but with a little imagination we got a little more time out of this project. Since Nessa was asleep I wanted to maximize some one on one time with Crazy Maise! So we taped down a piece of paper on the tray and with the remaining sand we made glue paintings. To make a glue sand painting drip your glue onto the clean taped down paper and when you have a design you like or have used enough glue you shake the tray so the sand sticks. After a few minutes, as the sand settles, tap off any excess sand and allow to dry. The finished product is fabulous!

40 minutes of heaven! I love this new idea that I found on Pinterest! Super easy set up and clean up and all the materials are reusable! All you need is a colander and some pipe cleaners, when you are done you just smooth out the pipe cleaners to use next time. This activity gets an A+ in my book and is something I will do again to entertain the kids when I need a moment. This trial run lasted about 40 minutes (I have proof in pictures below) and that was with just one bag of pipe cleaners. Thanks to Grandma P. we have 6 packs so next time we will see if we can double our time. Maise took to it very quickly. I showed her how to coil the pipe cleaner and then she continued in the same fashion until she was out of supplies. She was very proud to show off her work and I was impressed to see it.

Have a great week!