Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Boys are a pain in the...

...you know what!

But at least I don't have to pay for college. Well that is if this kid don't stop digging in trash cans or playing in the toilet. I think a city job out of high school or an apprenticeship for the boy work for me. Oh Zachy boy what you have taught me.

So we added to the mix! Zachary was born May 22, 2013. We are coming up on a year and it feels like an eternity. I mean that in good and bad ways of course. I love this little guy with all my heart but doubt I will miss his baby days. He was a stinker from the get go. He began his evil plot by being a week late. I went 41 weeks with that little guy and as much as I could not wait to meet him he was my first baby I let the nurses take at the hospital. Makes me laugh because with my girls I insisted I be with them and made the hospital do all tests in my presence. With little man Z I pressed that nurse’s button and begged them to take him so I could shower and nap. That should have been foresight I tell you.

All jokes aside he is a groovy little dude. He is as big as a house and keeps up with his sisters. The girls took to him really well until he became mobile. He WAS the love of their life and could do no wrong. Yeah, well the honeymoon is over and it has turned into endless screams of "MOM!!!! GET ZACHY AWAY"! Ah to be the mother of three.

Adjustment wise I personally think I did fabulous. Heck the boy was born in the perfect season there was no fear in taking him out and by the time he was a week old he had been to a park and a library. I think he did a little shopping too. By a month he had been to his first ball game and during his first summer we hit a record of 30 parks just me and the three of them. It was an awesome challenge and I am trying to come up with an even more exciting challenge this summer.

I think jumping right into three on the go was the best option for me. I had them with me 24/7 and we did not turn down an invite. It gave me confidence and I never considered that having three was scary or a challenge. It was just us.

Zach was a hard baby. He did not sleep well. He was colicky. He has been sickly and is a stereotypical man when it comes to being sick. Oh and he is my biggest diva...talk about the waterworks. But this kid my little blonde Bubba (that is his main nickname at this point) and I love him with all my heart. I am excited that he is turning one! I am excited that next month I will be able to say I have a 1, 3 and 5 year old. WHAT!?!? I am also so excited to share his video. I have been working on it since week one and am pretty impressed with my skills. I even have it set to music. Super momma!

Stayed tuned as our adventures are going to rock your socks!

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