Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dumpty Dumpty

Just shy of a year and Nessa has taken her 1st unassisted steps. While Joe was on the east coast experiencing the natural wonder of Hurricane Irene I was sitting on the floor in my front room watching a natural wonder of my own. Nessa has been doing great cruising furniture and pushing her buggy but those first unassisted steps are so exciting. We were playing and Maise and I started to tell Nessa “Come to Maise and mommy” and she did. What a big girl!

Maise's new favorite song is "Dumpy Dumpty" Humpty Dumpty to the lay man. She memorized it in a day and is as obsessed with it. It is amazing how quickly she learns; granted she watched and listened 50+ times in that day but she got it!

I have witnessed a lot of emotional transfer in Maise play lately. It is so fascinating seeing her using compassion and discipline with her baby dolls. Her imagination is incredible but you can also see how easily influenced she is. She has been watching Elmo in Grouchland this week and requests it by Elmo Blanket Back! One day last week she asked for her blanket back when we were getting loaded into the van. She has never had a blankie or lovey so I found that to be very interesting! She has also been commenting to me and Joe, “Good Idea!” which I finally realized she got from her Maisy Mouse books. So funny!

This weekend I organized the supplies for Nessa's big birthday bash next week. I also got the treat bags ready and we are just about to rock! There are a few last minute items to get but that will be done this week. I am very excited to enjoy the day with our family and friends. I just hope that I get to mix and mingle with all the activities I have planned. I will for sure post pictures after the party.

Next week I won’t be posting until Thursday with a very awesome Vanessa Pants Parylak Collage! I have been waiting a whole year to share this so I can’t wait!!

Have a great week everybody!

Monday, August 22, 2011


Yay! A new first! The girls both went bowling for the very first time yesterday. We had a great time, Nessa got a little bored but we just kept passing her around. She would have been much happier if we would have just let her smash her tiny fingers in the ball return. Maise had a lot of fun and I was very proud that she was willing to wait her turn, unfortunately that kid has no upper arm strength and the ball got stuck on its long way down a time or two. Think we will wait some time before we try again but awesome time was had by all! And how stinking cute are those size 6 bowling shoes?

 Have a great week!

Saturday, August 13, 2011


It is kind of crazy these days with digital cameras and the ability to save so many pictures on memory cards and computer files.  I know in our house we don't print that many pictures as we did many years ago, I have a zillion pictures but they are all on the computer. It makes me wonder if the girls will one day enjoy scrolling through the many computer folders as I did looking through old photo albums.  I guess it is kind of the same but it kind of isn't...but is that just in my head?  Since the girls will grow up using this technology maybe they would not know the difference.  But you know what? They do know the difference.

Last week while I was rotating the girls' toys packing up boring ones and reintroducing ones they forgot about I pulled out Maise’s old squish photo book.  It holds 4 photos and protects them so little ones can chew and tear at it.  Since we had not used it since Maise was tiny I had to update some of the pictures in it to add a little Nessa to the mix.  There was an old photo album my mom recently found and brought over to me and as I looked to find pictures Maise noticed the album and began looking at it very carefully and asking questions about the pictures and pointing out faces she knew.

The thing that blew me away was for one, she was taking possession of objects in the photos that she had never seen.  There was a photo of an old plush horse I had as a child and a photo of some fireworks from a family reunion many moons ago.  Maise declared and showed off in the photos, "My Horse" and "My fireworks".  It was wild to see this false memory, if you will develop in my Maise.  Second, was that she just loved that she was holding the photograph, she knew it was different than a normal piece of paper, she knew it was special, she knew it was different and she actually called it a photograph.  It is the simple things in life sometimes that people take for granted.  How amazing is it to have these little ones to show us how amazing things a minor as a photograph can be so unbelievable.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Simply Mom

This week Maise has been experimenting with mom. She seems to be pretty impressed with her shortened version of mommy. This will save her so much time. It was weird, Joe looked up at me and was like is she just saying mom? Good thing is I think she will still be mixing it up for a while because I am not ready to not be good ol' mommy! Hey it is better than amber which is what she actually calls me when I pick her up from the sitter.

Maise, Nessa, Mommy (mom) and Daddy snuck off to the zoo. It was awesome! We only went for a bit but saw what we wanted to see. There was a little splash park up and running and Maise and Nessa got to cool off before we headed home. On the way into the park for the first time we played 1-2-3- jump and swung Maise like a monkey! It was so much fun and she initiated it. My big swinging monkey girl!

Nessa had fun at the zoo but was glad to be home chilling the most. Here she is snacking at her Mickey Mouse table. Oh that table brings me back to when Maise first started snacking there on her own. They sure get big fast. Nessa is so much like Maise sitting at that table enjoying her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show. Ha, can't wait till they fight over the TV! I hope they like what I like...yeah right!

Have a great week!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Kane County Cougars special event Christmas in July!!!

How fun! Maise has been asking for fireworks and Joe and I decided to look into ball games that had fireworks and we found out about the event! It was a great time we went for the package and got a full spread a sky box and seats right behind home plate. How wonderful that our friends went to the same game and we got to meet up. We may have had a little more Christmas flare than most but it does take a lot to be cooler than us!

One of the rare times Joe was willing to push the pink stroller.

Christmas Carols upon entrance

The best catering at a ballgame ever!
Full Christmas dinner included; turkey, ham, potatoes,
stuffing, salad, veggies, bread,  and dessert.

Watching from inside the box

Our view from the suite

Pregame parade

Checking out our seats

Maise liked the view from above

Ness took to the boy in our section

Just a little closer and she will get him

I love this picture of my crew!

Silly girl!

Let's warm up

Santas little dancers

Hey let me outta here

Did you hear me?

Merry Christmas!

Our festive wheels

Nessa showing Melinda her ornament

Athina and Maise rolling on the hill

Take your hat crazy lady

I win!

So cute


Our suite from a distance

Daddy and Maise

Hey there Santa nice legs!

Maise watching santa from a far, she is still not a fan.

Fireworks + Christmas Music =


Rounding the bases at the end of the night.

And to all a good night!

Have a great week!