Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Not Every Mess Equals a bath!

Maise is just as amazing as ever. This week she has done so well with potty training I am beside myself. Today is actually her first day at the sitter without a diaper. I am so proud! She is also really getting that alphabet down; she even sang it for her Godmother over the phone. She is counting to 20 and really catching on to lyrics and commercials, it is really neat seeing her mimic dance moves also. We went to Chuck E Cheese and she even got to dance with the Big Cheese this weekend. Maise is obsessed with baths. The sneaky Pete will ask for one every time she is a tiny bit messy. “Momma Maise Mess Bath OK!” I actually caught her making a fake mess to get a bath. Yesterday she had 3 baths at least she is clean! This week Maise helped mommy make party hats for her birthday, played a lot with her sister, and terrorized the dog non-stop. All in all a great week! This week we are going to work on our birthday card for Sprout, cross your fingers we get on TV.

Vanessa is officially in 6-9 month clothes; I just can’t believe how quickly she is growing. This week I think we will retire her swing (Maise broke it), her bath, and possibly her bumbo (can’t fit with the tray anymore). She is getting really good at sitting up and I am hoping that her 6 month picture will allow her to sit up on her own. Tummy time is going great she is starting to like it. Her hand and leg control is fantastic it is wonderful watching her play. Those teeth have yet to pop but she steadily gnaws away at that hand like it’s no ones business. Vanessa loves attention from her sister. Every little move Maise makes gets this girl laughing. I love my little best friends.
Her 1st sandwich

Pushing the limits of tummy time

Meeting her new cousins

So happy together

Making the exact same face

Opening her 1st present solo

Look at all those tickets

Hey Maise where's mommy?

Dancing for tickets at Chuck E Cheese

Extreme close up taken by Melinda

Have a great week!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

This week we started making party hats for Maise's birthday party. They are so adorable! We have one more to make, it is for the birthday girl herself, it is also the hardest one to make, wish us luck! Vanessa's outfit for her 6 month pictures came in and we just could not wait to take pictures. So we decided to do their 6 month and 2 year shoot a few weeks early on Valentines Day. The pictures are wonderful and the girls did great. We will have them in time to pass out at her party. It really was a fun day we all had a great time! I liked doing picutures for Valentines, maybe it will be a new tradition. Now I have to go change my screen saver as it is from last years Valentines pictures of Maise in a much much smaller tutu.  

Maise is getting more comfortable everyday with her speech. Using words properly that we have not directly taught her. She said "sorry daddy" when she was under foot and she told me to "go away, leave mommy" when she wanted solo daddy time. She is about 80 percent complete on her ABC's, ending them always in a dramatically long end note. I will be sure to post a video when we have the song down. This week we also noticed her singing along to mom and dads music. She really chimes in on the song "Hang Me Out to Dry", so let's get to Maise's video of the week:

Vanessa is fighting tummy time and it is so hard to make her but we are getting in 5 - 10 minutes a day. She is just a natural snuggler and wants to be held. Ah to live a day in the life of Vanessa! She is getting stronger and stronger sitting up in her boppy or propped on the floor playing with her sister. I think it will only be a few weeks before we have an independent sitter.  Have a great week!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow, Snow, and Corn Starch?

The Blizzard of 2011! Our girls experienced their first severe weather event. How crazy was that storm? We were very lucky to all get to stay home together as a family the first two days. It was amazing sharing pictures with all our friends and family online all day, it really was a community effort. Joe got out early to clear some paths we could not wait to see the girls react to the snow. Maise loved it! Last year she seemed to like it but this year she was able to play and jump and get her hands cold and wet. Vanessa was not to thrilled but I bet next year she will be more into it. Maybe she would have liked it more if I didn't dress her like the poor kid from Christmas Story!

Maise and Joe lasted a lot longer out in the frozen tundra than Nessa and I. While the two of us were back inside getting nice and warm Daddy and Maise were sliding down the many alley slops. Classic Joe with no hat but look if you look closely you will see that he is wearing gloves.

Lesson # 476 in raising a toddler: NEVER trust a quiet toddler. It was just a few minutes of quiet and my mother and I were very relaxed as Nessa laid there finally asleep in my arms. I got up to try and put her down for her nap and as I walked into my room I found a corn starch covered Maise atop her changing table having the time of her life. She didn't get in trouble as this was ALL my fault, but it was kinda funny. I don't think I have ever seen my mother laugh so hard in her life. There was corn starch everywhere; in the closet, on the walls, the floor, her body, her clothes, the back of the changing table, my bed...need I continue? Oh Maisley!

My poor poor Nessa is starting to get some teeth. She turns 5 months this week and that is only a month away from when Masie got hers. She is having a hard time sleeping and is always chewing her arm. When you try and snuggle and hold her she will even try to eat you. It's so funny when she is close up, she looks like a very hungry fish just smacking her mouth and thrashing around. She will kind of use teethers but not really, I keep checking to see if they are popping yet but still no visual. I sure will miss that toothless smile.

Wrapping up the week please enjoy our video of Maise the Amazingly Talented Spinning Wonder Girl!

Have a good week!