Saturday, December 31, 2011

Lesson Learned

Sometimes it feels like I've had these kids forever! And sometimes I am reminded that we still have a thing or two to learn. This week’s lesson:

Do not attempt visiting a Chicagoland Museum anytime during Christmas Break!!!

Seriously it sounds like the perfect plan, you have time off the kids have time off, it's something the whole family can enjoy! Who are you fooling?

So the day begins casually. We take our time getting ready knowing our kids will only last and hour or two once we get there, so what's the rush? Mistake #1 if you are planning on visiting a place like the museum one should get there when it opens...not noon-ish! While driving I realize we forgot the stroller. Mistake #2 if you are going to an all day type place wheels are must! Turn around and go home you fools! But since we like to live dangerously, we did not listen and kept trucking.                                                                                                                       

We get to the entrance to see a line easily over 200 people. They were not even letting people into the building for 45 minutes. Due to max capacity. SUPER! We had already walked 3 blocks with kids in tote (Oye my aching back) but headed back to our parking spot where we had already paid. It was a sign to walk away when we saw the huge line but no we decided to walk over to the Adler planetarium instead, hey we were already there it can't as packed. Mistake #3 suck up the bucks$$. Um like DUH! There was a wrap around line in a sweltering lobby with two squiggly kids and four heavy coats and an odd out of town family steadily crawling up our booties. That was fun!

Now here is where it gets fun! Joe channels his inner Clark W. Grizwald and fights every obstacle in order for us to have a great time. For a moment I really felt as if we were on video because if it could happen it was gonna happen. The place had people oozing out of every corner. Kids everywhere coughing and sneezing and wiping sleeves and hands on everything. Nessa was a little freaked by the crowd so we had to take turns holding her. Maise got very tired and was starting to sprout horns. They both started off great - it was just overwhelming. So many crowds of people, many large families stopping to take pictures at each exhibit, it was ridicules!

We did have a wonderful time all kidding aside but we did learn that we don't care for the mega crowds. I guess we are now confirmed off season type folks! Maise's favorite part of the whole place was a tunnel that you could walk through and looks like space. It was very dark and then had sparkly stars. Maise had so much fun we kept going around the tunnel time after time after time. Then it got to be a little much and when Joe pulled the plug she decided to go and knock past people and not listen. It was that move that made us leave. Bitter sweet the best part and the deal breaker all in one. It was good timing to be honest we got our couple hours out of it and mom and dad were pooped...I am sure not as young as I used to be.

Happy New Years Everyone...Till next year!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Halloween, I Mean Christmas

Christmas 2011!

Over the holiday weekend we were fortunate enough to entertain a few invites. We kicked off Christmas Eve with Auntie Bev and Grandma P for an early dinner The girls had a wonderful time and Maise got to sit all by herself in her own big girl seat at the table. The girls now have one of every art supply in the world thanks to Grandma P! We promise to make you lots of fun things to hang on the fridge...clear off some space! Maise twirled and swirled in love with her new ballet bag, shoes and skirt. Thank you Auntie Bev!

Later that night we went to Uncle C's for some more family fun and tasty treats! Tasty treats even made it to bed with Maise later in the evening when she refused to sleep with out the treats that she was told were hers. I put them in the fridge after she fell alseep, cuddled next to a plastic container as if it was a teddy bear. It was our 1st Christmas Eve with the twins and we all had a lot of fun. They were so cute in their little outfits playing with their big cousins. All the kids were all opening gifts together and it was so awesome. These guys are so cool together! Although I don't see us ever having as calm of a Christmas ever again...they will all be running around and bouncing off walls next year! Woo hoo!

We got home just before midnight in time to get the girls snuggly in bed. After they were asleep I prepared their stockings and set up their gifts. Some gifts they have seen wrapped and under the tree, as I wrap as I go, but the socks and the red packages from Santa were new. Christmas morning I could barely wait for the girls and Joe to wake up. When they did we had fun taking our time opening gifts and playing with each one. The girls loved everything and even shared. Nessa loved Maise's gifts and Maise loved Nessa's so they kind of had to share. Joe made a big breakfast for me and the girls and I made homemade Lasagna for dinner! We had a very Merry Christmas and hope you all did as well! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! Wait, check out our pictures first:

Our holiday candy score!

Ok who will help me with this one?

All the photo cards I received by Christmas Eve

Auntie Bevs
Nessa's that Christmas Glow

Sharing is caring

Pre-present hydration 

Nessa is gonna love her Elmo floor puzzle

Aw are they not so adorable in their new hats?

Uncle C's
A meeting of the big sisters

Little man has some new wheels

Things got a lttle wild at Uncle C's on Christmas Eve

Mmmmmmmmm Sweets!

Christmas Morning
They are gonna love their presents!

Not really morning gals

Each of the girls got a bath tub mermaid from Santa

It is so much fun watching them both go for it

Maise and her BIG present, an Alphie robot

Nessa's big present was a huge race track.
 I think both of the girls are going to like this one!

Dad building the race track

The girls loved their sunglasses and wands from the stockings

Maise loved hers so much she wore them while she finished opening

My livingroom toy store

After a weekend like that this girl was wiped and yes she is wearing two leotards's all the rage didn't you know?

Have a great week!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Over the River and On a Golf Cart to Grandpa's House Go

Last weekend we had early kick off to the holidays with a trip to Grandpas!

Below is a picture of my party appitizer! I love Pinterest!

Nessa was very comfortable at the party.
After she mingled and mixed she grabbed a cookie
 and found a spot by even more cookies to chill. Such a big girl!

As yummy as cookies are nothing beats found chocolate!
Elie you silly goose you are a mess!

CJ opening his 1st Christmas present.
He was a pro like he has been doing it for years...I think he has a lot of daddy in him.

Silly Grandpa thought he was getting a lobster...snap! snap!
Not a bad idea for next year!

Sometimes presents need extra helpers to open them.

Some kids just can't hang. 

No one can get my cookie now.

Who's a happy girl?

Teething cousins!



 And introducing the newest members of the Parylak team
Phoenix and Alexa!

Thank you Grandpa, MoMo and Auntie Kayla we had a wonderful time!
Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Time is So Much Fun

We have sure been busy! As promised the tree went up and was all decorated last week. Unfortunatly within 48 hours Nessa the lumber jack made sure it came down. And it came down hard! Every ornament and every light! But all is well it has been rebuilt and is proudly taken it's new home on top of our piano! An untraditional space, but genius if you ask me!

This was the 1st version of our tree!

And this was after the downfall!

The girls love getting their daily piece of candy!
Maise is able to find the number for each day so far!

All purple wrap for my Christmas in Purple vision!

Maise Jae's Sock!

Nessa Harlow's Sock!

Our holiday magnets are ready to pass out!

Maise even got to open her 1st holiday gift!
It was from her play group so it was ok with us to open early!
 Like I could have waited!

And she was thrilled!

Maise and Nessa tried something new!

Maise said it was grandpas birthday! (Dec 3rd)
Also Happy Birthday to my grandma and sister on the 7th!

All bundled up and ready to shop!

We got crafty! These were some treats I had to try and copy from Pinterest!

And more crafty! Oh I have time for you!

Have a great week!