Thursday, March 31, 2011

There is a New Man in Town!

This week the Parylak's added a new family member to the mix. We had to! Joe was out numbered and we needed another man around to balance things out. During the week the girls and I went to Chuck E Cheese for a treat. Maise did such a good job at Chuck E Cheese and I had been thinking of getting a fish anyway so we decided to pop over to PetSmart and pick out a new friend. Maise is going to be in charge of feeding him, she already loves that she has a job. It has not even been a week and at dinnertime Maise will ask to feed her fish. I Love It! Now I can't wait till she can walk puddles, lol, slow down momma one thing at a time.

Allow me to Introduce Bo the fish!!!

Maise has been, hum? How shall I put this? OBSESSED with bunnies! She even got grandma Nancy to get her an early Easter Bunny on a random shopping trip. Silly Maise's a trixie rabbit! Maise really doesn't like to share her bunnies but Vanessa really wants to play bunnies. We tried and we tried but Maise was not sharing the fuzzy we found something else that would work. Check out Nessa and her bunny. Listen for the snort it is so funny!

( Ok this is where you should be watching a funny clip of Nessa and her rattle bunny. BUT NOOOOO! For some reason blogger is not letting me upload the video. But let me tell ya it is adorable. Hopefully I will be able to post it next week. )

 We also went out and got a new double stroller this week. Our old one was so heavy and big. I had been hunting for some time and finally found one I liked. To bad Joe was out of town to save himself but a decision had to be made. Blue? Red? or Pink? I debated each color but could not resist the pink. That's right we will be sporting a pink stroller this Spring and Summer! Joe said we will keep the blue one for when he is alone. Can't wait for the first trip to the zoo!

Have a great week!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's a Hat Party

This week we got to catch up on chill time. With Masie’s party over it was time for clean up. Clean up in our house usually has a bag or two of donations at the end. So in the spirit of spring-cleaning we got to it. Maise received many new toys and outfits so it was easy to weed through things. It does get easier to get rid of things after two kids wear them, but jeez Nessa slow down. It seems like I am getting rid of stuff weekly. She is getting big so fast.

Maise and Nessa have been playing so much. Nessa is a trooper to Maise's Wrath of Love. She just loves her sister so much she can’t stop hugging and kissing her.

Vanessa is turning over so fast now. Heaven forbid you laid her on her back. And of course it scares the daylights out of me with her face planted. But Maise did this for a while as well so I will just keep poking at her while she sleeps.

Not to many pictures to share from our adventures in cleaning but I do have some shots from our impromptu hat party we had during the week. You can also visit our craft blog to see the results of our flower painting project this week as well as a review on Crayola Tub Crayons.


The girls and I signed up this week to do the annual March of Dimes walk (please see my badge on the above right). This is something I have always done by myself (once w/ Melinda) but will be having the girls join me this year. This will not be Maise’s first charity walk but it is Vanessa’s so wish us luck!

Look who's learning to read

Have a Great Week!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I See Green People

Happy St. Patrick's Day !!!

It is pretty rare, even with Maise only being 2, having the opportunity to have a "first" for both girls to experience together. Well with the "Luck of the Irish" we had that opportunity this past weekend at the Northwest Side Irish Parade. It was a great time and both girls really seemed to enjoy the people, the music, and the floats...but not so much the shamrock headband. As you can see above we got one picture with the headband and then below you can see Maise telling Joe "No More" to the headband.  

Even Nessa was alert and festive.

Maise stood at attention as the soldiers passed.

My new favorite picture of Maise and Joe.

 I love a lala lal alal la

It was a great day for some outdoor family fun!

And the best part of the whole day...
was the long walk back to the car...
that took longer than the whole parade.

The parade was a great way to wrap up an amazing week. Maise is now 2 and Vanessa is 6 months. We are just trucking right along! Maise had a wonderful party with some close friends and family. It was a great time and Maise is very greateful. This week we also officially weighed in. I have been so excited to weigh the girls at the doctor on the same visit. And the results are:

Maise                                               Vanessa
25 lbs 1 oz                                        18lbs 4oz
33 inches                                          26 1/4 inches
19 HC                                                 17 3/4 HC

Vanessa recieved 3 shots and 1 oral and Maise got off free as a bird. Lucky girl! Both girls are perfect and doing great. Maise will not need to go back till 3 years old and Vanessa at 9 months. Break time!

Have a great week!

Monday, March 7, 2011

No! Maise Dood it.

Everything lately is "Maise dood it". She really is enjoying her steps towards independance. Her jacket, her clothes, her shoes, it's wonderful! We must allow more time to get out of the house now but it is great to see her try and learn. Even when we pick her up from the sitter she goes and gets her shoes and gets ready to go. Wow! What a big girl seriously when did this happen? I guess I better get used to it, she will be 2 at the end of the week.

Vanessa Dufenschmirtz is the most zurberting baby in the world! It is so cute, most of the time! Although sometimes I think she gets carried away and just spits at me? Hum?? She seems sweet BUT sometimes those are the ones you gotta watch out for. Vanessa got a new name this week, from her big sister of course. Apparently Maise is bored with just plan Nessa and now calls her sister Onessa. Sounds kind of fancy! Our little Vanessa turns 6 months this week, as if it was not hard enough getting used to the idea that Maise will be two but now Nessa is 6 months. In the voice of Red Sandford "My heart, My heart"! Just as I was hoping my Nessa is sitting up all by herself. It took some intense work this week but look what we can do:

(Yes she did go thump at the end...but she did great up to that point!)

Ok I am off to a busy week getting ready for my big girls party.

Have a great week!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ms. Independent

This week Maise’s pallet has matured. She is now eating peanut butter and cheese crackers, bread, and Teddy Grahams. She is completely day trained now and has a new favorite song to sing; “On Top of Spaghetti”, it’s amazing how many rounds we sing of that song on the way home. Maise is getting to be a big girl and we tried something crazy this week. Instead of waking the baby when Ms. Maise wanted to fuss before nite nite, we went into the playroom and slept on the couch. We tried this a second and third time and decided to move her bed into the playroom. So Ms. Independent is in her own room. Mommy took it surprisingly well!

Nessa is showing signs of independence with sleeping also. This week she has been sleeping and napping in the crib. When lying with mom, dad, or big sis Vanessa likes to be close but not touch. Hey who doesn’t want to be able to stretch their toes?  We didn’t toss the bumbo last week but did remove the tray; Vanessa sits really well and enjoys being level with her big sister.