Friday, May 25, 2012


Have you ever just been inspired by the day? Today I can surely say yes! After a trip to my grandparents without the kids I NEEDED some momma and kiddo time like nothing else in this world. Our day began with a little breakfast and we hit the road. We just started up Milwaukee Ave. with the original intention of cruising around Palwaukee Airport and hanging in the woods across the way. We did in fact actually see some planes take off and did a circle around but we were just not feeling those woods. So we kept on keeping on until we found the spot that was calling for us all day. The sign popped off to the right and we knew we had found our spot. We came upon Half Day Forest Preserve. What an awesome place! We didn't get to deep into the preserve so I am very excited to go back and see what we missed! But we still had an incredible time. There were dragonflies and frogs to spot, amazing paths to walk, picnic areas to chill, and a park that was just about as much fun as any other I have ever been to before! As the morning rolled along and we had our picnic I just felt as if every part of this day was completely perfect. I started shooting pictures of everything. I felt like such a photographer...don't worry I am not going to quit my day job but for today it was excellent and pat on the back for myself because some of these pictures are kind of cool!

First my Artistic attempts:

And the family shots:

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  1. These pics are really cool! And your little ones are so adorable. I think my favorite is the two of them running and holding hands, how precious. Thanks for sharing these, it was nice to start my day with a smile! :)