Monday, January 31, 2011

Say It's Not So

It's a dark day for mom and dad when their daughters musically stray from them...We have always been advocates for freedom of expression and music. We like all types of music and have and will continue to offer a variety to our children. Who knew that we would already have a problem with our daughters taste in music at such an early age? We hang our heads shaking in disbelief as we present Maise's video of the week:

Yes that is correct Katy Perry! Oh there is so much wrong with this video, where do I begin? Other than the fact that it is garbage pop, our dear girl can't even act well enough for a Sesame Street clip nor does she have the sense to dress appropriately for the occasion. I am all about artistic expression but I also have common sense. And this goofball does not, we want our kids to be kids why does "the sexy" have to be part of "dress up"? Elmo is not off the hook in this one either. Notice how he is playing hard to get when it comes to what Katy wants to play "dress up", how many other episodes was it actually Elmo crying just because someone did not want to play his game. I don't really like the begging and teasing. Hum, sounds like the ramblings of a poor parent that has been over exposed to Elmo.
On a lighter Sesame Street note party plans are coming along quite nicely for Maise's 2nd birthday. The girls’ outfits for their 6 month and 2 year photos have been picked out and ordered. It will be an Elmo themed photo shoot. I can't wait to see Vanessa's outfit (currently being custom made for my sweetie). The invites are ready to roll (sneak peek above), decoration and supplies are in order, the menu has been chosen and the guest list has been finalized. I love planning parties even if they are just going to be a small get together. For the 2nd birthday we will have a tiny gathering at our house but the party planner in me is just nuts for the little details. But you will have to wait to see! Maise has figured out how to use our camera. She has been picking it up and saying cheese and acting out the motions but she has got the whole concept down now. She loves the flash and the picture on the screen after she snaps. She totally knows she took the picture herself. Check out a few of my jr. photographers first photos:
This weeks project is to weed out the closet again. Vanessa is pushing her way right on to the 6-9 months sizes so it's time to make a new bag of donations. I am very grateful to be able to use all Maise's clothes again. It is wild even after two girls back to back there are some items that still don't get used. But we are trying. Maise is still doing good for the most part in her 18 month stuff but some items are ready to get boxed up for Nessa. In fashion we also have Maise sporting a new item. We are wearing underpants! That is right our potty training is coming along, Maise is not fully there yet but we are closer everyday. She wears them at night and all weekend. The first few days we had tons of accidents but she is starting to give us enough advanced warning now. She is a prankster and will tell us she has to go and then fake it. But that is ok "toddler steps". Side note; while we are talking potty, I learned that Fiber Pop Tarts really do the trick on a toddler. My poor sitter! Maise was backed up I thought it would help, lol, oh boy did it help. I heard that kid farting from two rooms away.                                           And let's not forget to mention that this week we get to document in the baby books two very interesting facts. One for each of my darling angels; Maise dropped the F bomb at day care and Vanessa stole a squeaky elephant from the YMCA. Note to self...change blog title to HOW TO RAISE A DEVIANT, lol. Have a good week!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hey Joe!

It’s been a busy week over at the Parylaks, so much fun and so little time. Maise has matured overnight going from calling Dad, dada to daddy and now Joe. I knew this day would happen just didn’t expect it at 22 months. We told her “No Joe that’s daddy” and now she’s going with Daddy Joe. Oh Maise! Maise is a girl that likes her shows; she currently loves Caillou and will always request one more. Maise is always asking for just one more before bed. Funny thing is sometimes she can’t make one more. Check out my trooper asleep on the computer chair.

The jealousy monster has taken a bite out of Maise and in this past week we have been seeing her acting out towards Vanessa, being stingy and requesting our attention when we are with the baby. She is very possessive of her toys and toys that used to be hers. She is even possessive of toys that never belonged to her. We have a door-hanging jumper and Maise is convinced it's hers. Whenever we try to get Vanessa in it, Maise just tells us "NO NESSA, NO BABY! MAISE". But she is getting better, just yesterday I busted out the car bouncer and Maise only got crazy for a minute. I let her try it out and she got bored and that is when Nessa got her try. Maise actually became very excited and showed her the buttons and the two had a lot of fun.

Vanessa loves her door bouncer, we only let her in for a few minutes at a time because I would like to see her a bit stronger first but I think we are going to get some good use out of it. This week Vanessa has continued to swat at things and is even grabbing at things. She shakes a rattle and will kick and smack at toys. Maise tries to play catch with her. We will but a soft ball in her hands and she moves her hands and Maise catches it. Lol, silly girls!

With all this new hand strength we are also starting to hold our own bottle. Way to go Vanessa! She still won’t do it for the whole feeding but it’s getting better every day. Vanessa is a formula monster taking up to 8oz at a feeding. We have introduced cereal that she actually ate in cereal form not just hidden in a bottle and we have tried sweet potatoes, pears, and green beans. She likes everything so far, but so did Maise until she decided to get picky.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sometimes your kids just have to know where you draw the line

On the spot tricks in parenting are wonderful, they can make you feel so clever. I may not be noted in the books for this trick but it has worked…so far. We have a console tv in the play room and it has been nearly impossible to keep Ms. Maise from being on the screen while watching her favorite shows. Well yesterday I had what I am calling a “stroke of genius” and I laid down the line, literally with tape away from the tv. She tested it once but then I told her “NO TV if she passes the line” and she then sat there like a perfect angel for the rest of her show. Score mommy!

On a bonus note how adorable is this? Maise got up on the rocking chair all by herself and was so proud, even after she got down. She came down slowly and placed one foot at a time on the floor and looked up and proclaimed “I DID IT”! She is so smart.

Lets not forget to mention that Vanessa apparently has feet. Look she can even play with them. She’s so bendy!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Look who is rolling over

We had just sat down in a new "Vanessa Land" and she decided to show off her new rolling over skills. What a sweetie, I was so excited she kept doing it over and over! Vanessa is also starting to show a lot of strength in her legs. She is almost ready to walk, well maybe not yet, but soon she will be moving about solo one way or another.

In Maise brags we have her saying a new phrase "Maise funny". The best part is she actually uses it when she is being silly. She is now requesting her first non-cartoon character… Adam Sandler. She will ask for “Elmo Sandler” all the time, it is so cute her asking for a non-cartoon character. Maise is very much into make believe play. I love watching her strut around with her purse, take care of her babies, or go shopping with her cart. She is very helpful and will even assist with Vanessa...if the mood strikes.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What's in a name?

Maise Jae was an easy one for us to come up with. Maise is from the movie Uncle Buck one of our favs and Jae of course came from The Simpsons. We really liked how different Maise was but also that it was not made up; Jae being adapted from The Simpsons is just totally us. We are Simpson freaks although have really not had time to watch much since the arrival of Ms. Maise. Maise is an Pisces and is part of the reason we call her fish, the other reason is that she was born just around Lent and we couldn't stop singing the Fillet Fish song without singing Maise Fish. We have also been known to call her poo poos, fuss, Maisley, MaJa, Sweet Jae and MJ.

Vanessa Harlow took us some work. We scored big on naming Maise something unique and cool so the pressure was on for us to come up with something great. We actually had a whole other name picked out and changed the plan just weeks before her arrival. We wanted to make her an MJ like Maise but just could not get the right combo. One day we went out for some food and over dinner started chatting about some options and plays on initials, and that is when we came up with Vanessa, we even shook on it. Well the Vanessa combo we came up with happened to be the name of a Canadian Teen Star so we had to tweak it again. I must admit I searched all types of name sites and finally came upon Harlow. When she was first born we called her Little Harlow, the Van Ness Monster, Doofensmirtz, Smirtzie, V, Nessa Pants, and Nessa. Maise dubbed her Nessa and I think that will stick but she will always be my "pants".

Hence the adventures of Fish and Pants!