Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy Holidays From the Harrisons!

December 1st I can hardly believe it another whole year has nearly passed us by. Our cards are stamped and on the way, Santa pictures have been taken, and kids’ shopping is all done! We are well on the road to a very Merry Christmas! If we could just get our tree put together. We have been saying “tonight is the night” for about a week but tonight will be the night!

This year we are starting a new tradition with the girls. It was something that I picked up from a friend in a group conversation about spending and gifts for our kids. She had said that she and her husband by three gifts for their kids at Christmas based on the idea that three gifts were good enough for Jesus! I loved that idea and considering one of the gifts on Maise’s list is a Little People Nativity Set it is the perfect time to introduce the concept to the girls.

Joe and I agreed that the girls will get three gifts from Mom and Dad and one from Santa (plus their socks of course). As a kid I always had wondered how Santa was able to fit multiple gifts for all the worlds’ children in that one bag! I think my kids will be more accepting of the idea of Santa when he is only delivering one special gift to each girl. I have very strong feelings towards wanting my kids to be able to be kids as long as they can. One of the things I want for them is to believe in Santa. I think this is very hard considering how much TV, movies, and cartoons that are out there that prove there is no Santa. I know that we had those shows growing up but not in such numbers.

I remember when I stopped believing in Santa. I actually pretended to still believe to make my grandma happy it seemed so important to her. For me I knew early for many reasons. One of the main reasons was that Santa came to three places; Moms, Dads, and Grandmas! As a kid being over spoiled who could complain? But I don’t want that for my girls! While we still will celebrate at many households before Christmas Day, Santa will only come to our house Christmas Eve Night while they are asleep. I would like to ask that no other gifts from family and friends be from “Santa”, Santa’s Helper”, “Mrs. Claus”, an “Elf” etc. I know it is fun and the kids may like it but I am Santa and Joe is Santa, and we deserve to be the only Santa our girls know for now. Speaking of Santa check out these shots from our Santa Shoot at Sears:

Sears did this awesome event where they had a Santa in the Studio and just did Santa pctures for the whole day. It was really awesome that there were not a hundred people walking past in the mall distracting them. Plus this guy was an awesome Santa, he really fit the bill!

Have a great December my friends:
(below is my favorite holiday commercial of all time)

Have a great week!


  1. The pictures are adorable and they had a good Santa! Keep those little ones kids as long as you can!

  2. Thanks! I promise to do my best at keeping them kids as long as humanly possible!