Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Maise Jae Started Ballet!

Wow she took right to it! What a natural..she reminds me of me! So I finally found a class that starts at 21/2. It was actually very hard to find most places won't start till 3 but I was determined. She started at Kaleidoscope Dance & Movement Center in Skokie, Illinois. The program runs the length of the school year which is awesome because then she can play a summer sport. The classes will be on Saturday mornings and she will even be in a ballet recital this May. I AM SO EXCITED!

It was funny a few days before we almost decided against signing her up because Joe was nervous she would be behind (technically the other kids had a month and a half jump on her). But I reassured him it was just toddler ballet and that we should not have a problem. His nerves were completely calmed when he got to peek through the widow at the studio and saw what toddler ballet is actually all about! The class is actually titled Fairytale Ballet, there were 4 or 5 other girls and 1 boy. They were all beyond adorable!

Maise cracked me up the whole beginning of the class. One of the reasons I wanted her to begin was so that she could learn in a group setting to take direction. So I was very eager to watch the process. She actually listened very well but still did some things to the beat of her own drum. For example the class was in a circle doing their warm ups...I repeat the class was in the circle but Maise decided it was better to be parallel to the mirror so she could watch all her own moves up close and personal. It really was a riot, she did what the teacher wanted but just preferred watching herself. Ha but who doesn't?

This was a wonderful first for the family! I was so happy to get Maise started in a class, and Joe was happy he was able to go with for the first day, Nessa was just happy to be there, and Maise was so darn happy she slept in her shoes the night before. She is already asking to go back to dance!

Have a great week!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Hopping!

Our visit to Goebberts Pumpkin Farm
Located in South Barrington, IL
40W. Higgins Road
South Barrington, IL 60010
This past Saturday we went to an oldie but a goody and we took Grandma Nancy for the first time. It was not just a first for Nancy as it was a first for all of us to go to a pumpkin patch when the weather was in the 80's. We all got a little more sun than expected. We had a blast watching the dragon eat pumpkins and feeding the animals carrots.

And on to the next one...
Stade's Farm
Shades of Autumn

3709 W Miller Road
McHenry, Illinois 60051

Sunday we drove out to McHenry and went to another pumpkin patch with Grandpa, MoMo, Auntie Kayla, Uncle C and the Twins. And had a wonderful time mostly eating! There were so many things to do can't wait till they are all running around and can do as much as Maise but we still had a blast! Nessa and Maise both got to ride the giant slide and we watch the canon shoot pumpkins at a van. The girls each had their first pony ride but Nessa was not to cool with the idea. Nessa also did not care for the pit of corn but I bet you all could guess that Maise loved it. I find it fascinating how easy it is for kids to chum up. Maise was playing and digging and burying her "pals".

Have a great week!

Trying out a new park with daddy

These are some pictures Joe took on a daddy and daughter trip to the park last week!

Good times!

Friday, October 7, 2011

A veterinarian, ballerina, and a scientist walk into a bar

More like a mom a dad and two kids went to Kohl Children's Museum...
I love this place! We go to the one in Glenview it is just 15 minutes from home and it is a great way to let the kids learn and have fun. Perfect for a rainy day get a way...even if it was a perfect sunshiny day when we went. Being so close it is perfect to run off a little energy. Small enough to handle just one parent but big enough for two. There are so many exhibits for the kids to pick from each visit can be a new adventure! You can totally do the whole place in a day, but we have the yearly pass and it allows us to pop in and out. This visit we got to pretend we were veterinarians and take care of all the animals, work in a lab as a mad scientist, and stare at ourselves in the reflection from the ballerina mirror. (Note to self I want one of those in the girls room)(non-glass of course!)

Closing up the cages to call it a night!

That's right all of them need to take a nap.

Well hello beautiful...she would peek at her face in the mirror and back up giggly!

Let me outta here!

Wash up before experimenting!

Let's see what happens if I mix a little of this and a little of that.

Cheese, ok mommy now let me play!

Have a great week!