Saturday, April 14, 2012

Q=Tip Painting

Wow what an awesome way to paint and keep it clean. The whole point of this project is to dot your masterpiece with a tiny bit of paint and a q-tip. We originally got the idea from Pinterest but tweeked and added as we saw fit! This was a great little project after dinner and before the tub.

We could have used a finger paint or thinker paint but this worked fine for us!
Notice the rubber cupcake holders?
We love these to use for art projects and for syrup or other gooey substances!

Testing colors.

Ok I had to take a stab at the one I saw on Pinterest.

Now this is when it got interesting...look at what she painted!
Is that a dancing couple? Sure looks like people to me!
Ok down below take a closer look.

That is totally people...and when I asked Maise she told me,
"It's a ribbon"!

We had fun...In the picture above we decided to mix q-tip painting and learning letters!
This was cool she did not even know she was learning. I am so sneaky! = love!

Have a great week!