Thursday, July 28, 2011

My 2 year old speaks a different language

I know many parents have this problem but for me it is not that she is all "mumbo jumbo" she literally speaks another language.  I wanted her to be exposed to another language early on and when selecting a daycare provider, bilingual was a major criterion.  But I never considered how hard this would be on me.  Maise has a large collection of Polish words and phrases and unfortunately I don't learn as fast as she does so that leaves her frustrated and me behind.  Usually context clues get us to an understanding and then I can confirm with the sitter the next day the meaning of the word or phrase.  I am so happy she has taken so well to a new language but realize I now need to step it up just to keep up.  Hey who ever said, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks"...I hope they were wrong!

They say you need to use it or loose it when it comes to learning a language and since Maise will continue to be exposed daily for another year and then part time after she starts school I hope she will keep up with it herself.  Vanessa is being exposed to the same situation and it will be interesting to see if she catches on just as quickly.  More interesting will be if the two of them both take to it well and use it against us.  That's it I am getting Joe and myself a How to Speak Polish book today!  Sneaky girls won't gang up on us! 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Just a quickie!

I have been pretty busy with all the extra reading and writing I have on my plate so please accept this weeks blog post in picture form. School has been going very well and I am proud to say I have 3 classes down (all A's) and think I have decided to go the thesis route! So that being said we may be going down to biweekly posts! Tomorrow I start class #4 so I am sneaking this one in early. We have big plans for the weekend so be sure to check back in next Tuesday!

I don't want to!

With the park to ourselves Nessa got to explore.

This kid and these looks she is so me.

Night Slides!
 With the weather so hot the past couple weeks we have been hitting the playground late.

It has even been to hot to swim, but that is no problem for this pool side beauty!

Nessa has been moving about, we have seen first steps!

Pooped! She put herself down for a nap. Looks snuggly!

Poor pants got tired after just 3 steps but those were some pretty cool steps!
My fishie is so smart she can usually do the whole poster but was a little excited showing off for Gram'mon and Uncle C!
Have a great week!

Friday, July 22, 2011

So Tasty!

This week I have decided to put my foot down and stop paying so much for my morning ritual of an Iced Mocha.  Actually, it wasn't the cost that sent me over the edge as it was a) dealing with the "momo's" at the McDonalds on the corner, b) the fact that on my commute there was no convenient drive thru, and c) I freaking LOVE these things and drink them so fast that I always want more. Since they are over $3.00 a pop it can be a very costly habit. So I researched how to make them at home...or at least something like them. I think I came pretty close. I like them but had to play around a few times to get it right. I felt like a mad scientist in a coffee lab!  

So this is what I came up with:

A glass - Got to serve it in a glass makes it colder and better...just my opinion!
A container with lid - I used a plastic to go container, you could always get a real shaker but I went with what was on hand.
Chocolate Syrup
Instant Coffee (I used General Foods international Suisse Mocha Cafe)
Whip Cream

First heat the water about a cup and pour in shaking container
Add 2 heaping spoonfuls of instant coffee and stir with spoon till dissolved
Add about a cup of milk and Add 5-6 ice cubes
Seal container and shake it up till the ice is melted
Drizzle the chocolate sauce in the bottom of glass
Pour mixture
Top with whip cream
Add straw
And enjoy!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


This past weekend we headed out to Beloit, Wisconsin for a mini get away. It was very randum, very last minute and very much fun! It has been hot and joe started looking up hotels with awesome pools and found one in Beloit. Ok whatever a little ride would make it seem like a vacation; especially when you add a little baseball twist. I started to look up things to do in Beloit and discovered they had a minor league team called the Snappers. Tickets were only $7.50 and the park was just a few minutes from the hotel. The town was jumping with a street fair and there was a roller derby going on next to the ball park. There was a live hard rock band that we could hear for the first couple innings and there was an awesome park in the ballpark for the kids to mess around on. I love ball parks with areas for the kids it is the best way to keep everyone entertained and happy! The hotel was pretty nice and the pool was awesome! Maise and Nessa both enjoyed swimming for two days straight. We got a float device for the girls and that was such a treat for me and Joe because we were all able to play. Great mini get away feeling very refreshed now back to reality!


And just a few extras of our at home ball party upon our return!

Have a great week!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Double Digits

Nessa Pants is 10 months today! “They” say time flies and “they” are right. I was just getting used to saying she was 9 months and I looked at the calendar and was like whoa! So I am pretty excited about that. It has been a busy week again over at the Parylaks; holidays, meet ups, school, work, and everything in between! Last Friday Joe and I got a night out (I know I can't believe it myself), we met with friends and saw Motley Crew and Poison in Tinley Park. It was a fantastic show! Tommy Lee's drum kit was on a rollercoaster; it was honestly one of the coolest props ever at a show.

It was the 4th of July weekend and Sunday we went to a party and pre fireworks show at a friend’s, Nessa did very well considering this was her 1st experience. That made me happy because it meant she could handle the big display the following day. We wrapped it up early and then Monday the 4th we just did our thing the 4 of us on the 4th! Nessa and daddy took an afternoon nap while Maise and Momma hit the parade. We walked to the corner and it was really nice just the two of us. After the parade we woke up the sleepy heads and had crab legs and steak on the grill. Not your traditional 4th of July food but like I said it was Nessa's 1st!

After dinner we hit the carnival and had an amazing time. This year Maise actually got to go on some rides. She had a ball! She was so happy and she even got to take a ride with daddy on the dragons! We watched the fireworks from the jump tent and it was just out of this world!

Awesome Holiday! Awesome time with my family! Awesome Weekend!

Have a great weekend!