Sunday, June 24, 2012


Do you see it?

Maise is all about volcano’s. She saw them on Little Einstein’s and wanted to know more about them. We went online and looked up all kinds of volcano clips. She is really fond of the ones showing lava going into the ocean. When she showed me this picture I just could not believe it. I think it is awesome. The best part was she was able to tell me what she drew and what was happening in the picture. Check it out:

She is amazing! I mean really how cool?

The end of the clip as she details daddy's shoes melting was from our Hawaii video. I was so excited to actually show has been all boxed up for some time. Wow, come to think of it that video was from 10 years ago. Our 25th birthday gift to ourselves! That means I am going to be 35 this year! How is that for some perspective? Nothing like 10 year measureable scales of life! I think the last 10 are pretty noteworthy!

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