Friday, June 22, 2012

Strawberry Fields Forever

I have wanted to go strawberry picking since I was a teen going to my first OzzFest at Alpine Valley in East Troy, Wisconsin. There is a little place about half way there that I always saw advertised but have never stopped at. I never went because it did not seem like anyone else had interest. Funny because now I find out one of my closest friends in the world who took that same ride over and over to Alpine with me desired the same thing!

The girls and I had some time a few Sundays back and we stopped at Stade’s Farm in McHenry. Stade’s is a wonderful place; we have gone there before for pumpkins. We are looking forward to raspberry picking there as well. Cool place and so glad we were introduced by April. After posting a picture of our day on facebook other friends in the area mentioned how they would have gone also. I guess it was not just my dear Erica and myself longing for a strawberry adventure. Next year is going to be so much fun meeting up with other pals and doing both the McHenry and Wisconsin farms.
So the funny thing is the anticipation did not meet up to the excitement of actually picking strawberries. It was ok. I mean I had the best time with my girls and I am so happy that we got the opportunity but it was just ok and a lot of bending. The unseasonably HOT weather made for tiny strawberries but they were so sweet and delicious! It was a great day and so glad to scratch another thing off my bucket list.
Now let’s see if I actually make it to go apple picking this fall….crossing my fingers I want to try that so bad. Until then here are some snapshots from our “Strawberry Sunday”:


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