Sunday, February 12, 2012

Momma We Need a New Balloon!

How funny it is watching them learn the little things! As if watching Ms. Coordinated learn to skip this week was not hysterical enough, Maise attempts to blow up a balloon solo! Disclaimer I was right there and would never let her swallow it...But I sure watched this silly attempt. She probably should have started off with a smaller more stretchy one.

Have a great week!

A Visit to the Jelly Belly Factory

We got to visit and tour the Jelly Belly Factory in Pleasant Prairie Wisconsin last week! We met with our friends and had a wonderful time. The tour was a little less than I expected as I was disappointed to not see the machines and the assembly lines - but the back room was very clean. The best parts of the day were teasing and playing in line before the tour started, cracking up when Nessa bumped her head in the train (she should have been listening), and the free samples at the end. The tour itself was on a train, which was really cool, but it only did a loop of the warehouse stopping at tv screen's to get info. The cool thing was as our train went from stop to stop the warehouse workers all stopped and waved. The tour was free and there were yummy and gross samples offered at the end...Erica and Joe tried grass and a dirty diaper! But don't worry they passed on the booger flavor! Ew they really had them. I tried their taffy and candy corn...they really make great candy corn! We purchased a few items to bring home and when I joked at the end "hey now it is no longer a free day" the clerk jumped in and said we still spent way below the norm. So of course I asked and he replied that the average person bought $80.00 worth! Wow that's crazy! But the store sure was tempting! I give the tour a B+ and would totally revisit and recommend!

The Jelly belly Factory tour is located at:
Jelly Belly Center
10100 Jelly Belly Lane
Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin 53158
Have a great week!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Dancing Along to Dance Moms

Who said watching TV is a lazy activity? Whoever it was never watched TV at our House! I must admit I love this kid!

This one is pretty funny also and little sister gets in a twirl or two!

Have a Great Weekend! Lot's of updates coming next week!