Sunday, May 22, 2011

From A to Z in 10 seconds

So I bet that Nessa would be crawling in two weeks...while the video may not be traditional crawling let's give this girl some credit. I have been waiting for this shot and I am glad to finally be able to share. She has done the "standard" crawl a few times but likes the "snake" much better.  I really doubt we will see her ever doing an "army" crawl. While she still only stands strait when on furniture she does really try to pop up from a seated position to standing...and she almost has it! Nessa did catch a bit of what Maise had; it makes me sad having my 8 month old cough. But she loves her baby fever reducer (yum, grape) so we are on the road to recovery

Nessa lost two earring backs this week and one about a month ago, in all this time that has never happened with Maise. So I am on a hunt for some earring that can survive Miss Nessa. I don't think hoops are cool for a baby but there were these latch things my mom had for me that I think I will look for.

Maise - Maise is so crazy but she really is a help. She is very comforting towards her sick baby sister and has been a great bed side nurse. With Maise only getting over the virus herself she has still been a little off. This weekend she was able to attend her big cousins’ college graduation party and was a peach for the most part but got a little tantrumy (if it is not a word it is now). You got to LOVE when the kids act up in public. Maise is so funny! This week she took a trip with Grandma Janet and Nessa to McDonalds and made a friend. Her friend stopped playing and sat down to eat. Maise came out of the play tubes looking around like where's my pal? When she spotted her new buddy eating with her dad Maise went to the table and said "You eating with your daddy?"...but as Grandma explained she said it in a tone like seriously you are gonna eat? now? while we are playing?...That is so my kid!

For the most part both of my kids are very social and don't mind being passed around. I love that but realize that I don't want them to comfortable with real strangers. Both will clam up a tiny bit when we first get someplace but then accept their surroundings but I feel they are both very high in the levels of social skills for their age.

Speaking of social skills (kinda) I would just like to announce that we have offically booked the Golf Course for Vanessa's big 1 Year Birthday Bash.

SAVE THE DATE - September 9th!

It's gonna be a hippie chic themed party and will be off the charts!
Face painting - tie dye - food - drinks...and I am not crazy, it is not early it is just over 3 months to plan.

Have a great week!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What a week!

Maise has been sicker than she has ever been before. She has been running a fever as high as 103 for a long time now. She was acting a little off and then 3 am Saturday morning the fever appeared. The wild thing is that it keeps going up and down and in some respects has been under control. I took her in to see the doctor yesterday and found out this is a virus that popped up and it was crazy how many people in our area all had the same exact facts to present to the doctor. She was not given any meds, but we can continue the fever reducer. The doctor said it would probably run around 5 more days. I took yesterday off and Joe will be home the next two...let's just hope she beats this quick. And PLEASE keep Nessa healthy.

So the battle of the virus put a few restrictions on this weekends activities. Maise missed her friend Athina's communion but wants to say good job!! Nessa and I went to celebrate but had to turn back around when Maise got a little worse for grandma. Maise was still running a high fever but was doing much better, not well enough to do our walk unfortunately. We have rescheduled and will be Marching For Babies, September 17th in Dixon, Illinois. You know what? We are cool with that because we are a Fall loving kind of family and this will be a fun way to celebrate Joe's birthday. We have never been to Dixon, so chalk it up to new experience.

Nessa went to a birthday party, for her cousins Vito (5) and Rocco (1), on Sunday while Maise stayed home resting with daddy. It was actually kind of nice to have a little mommy and Nessa time, and daddy and Maise time. It is hard to allow for separate bonding so I am very grateful to have at least had one positive from my poor sick babies situation.

I am back to work today, already swamped and behind but pushing forward. My "deadlines" for this evening are complete (BIG SIGH OF RELIEF)! Tomorrow we host the Bulls Game, so I better hit the store for some Bulls gear for the ladies!

Fun fact for the week....Joe and I celebrated 17 years together this past weekend.
                                          17 YEARS! Holy Smokes!!

Have a great week!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Pete Da Butta

This week Maise named her little people; Ciselle, Buddy, Gordy, Goshi, Nicole, and Jo. it is so crazy I don't even know where she got the names from but we were sitting and playing with our friends and I asked what one of the girls name was and she said Ciselle without skipping a beat. We continued and I tested her to see if she remembered. The wild thing is she did remember which one was which and continues to call them by their new names.

Vanessa is rocking on those knees like a crazy girl. She is pushing all over the floor this girl will be full time crawling in less than two weeks. BET! She can already cover some major territory just pushin'...this is going to be one busy summer. She is still working on holding on to couches and such but not really making the effort to walk. When in her exersaucer she looks like she is free standing. Vanessa is a very strong girl; her big trick of the week is gliding off the couch feet first on her belly. It is very cute but the poor kid just can't figure out what to do once she lands.

Mothers Day Maise said "Happy Mommas Day, Mommy" and gave me a big huge. I am such a lucky woman. I was so excited that she did that. Really made my day; I got to wake up and enjoy a slow morning with my family; Joe ran out to grab us coffees and then we cleaned up the yard and planted cherry tomatoes and attempted to plant some flowers. I say attempted because Maise was determined to not let that happen. I had this wonderful idea about planting in her sensory table and she had a better idea...use it AS A SENSORY TABLE...Duh! MOMMA!

Check out our Mother's Day Planting Pictures at The Rainy Day Toddler!

My Mother's Day gift to me is a shiny new laptop. I am so excited I have never owned one. I feel like such a big girl. I can't wait to go use it in public, lol, look at me working on the go. (Nerd!) After our gardening adventure we ran out to pick it out. Boo Hoo I went home without it. But that was so they could hook it up for me and then as always my schedule got CRAZY and it is still sitting at Staples. I will pick her up tonight...WOO HOO!

This weekend is our MARCH OF DIMES WALK anyone that still wishes to donate can visit my donations page today!! We are almost at our goal, I thank all of those that have already contributed and urge the rest of you to join me in helping save lives!!

Oh yeah some of you may still be wondering what's up with the title of this blog post. Well let me clarify:

In Maise Speak Pete Da Butta means Peanut Butter...I am not normally a fan of baby talk but how cute is that? It is a pretty log word. Also this week we learned a new song - Sticky Sticky Bubble Gum. Cute song but cutter when sung by Maise...Sticky Sticky Bumblebum!

These are some pictures from Mother's Day of Maise washing her ride...

Have a Great Week!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Catching Up with Meatball and Nestle

What an amazing week! I survived the Pancake Breakfast and now I have time with my girls again. The breakfast was a huge success and I would like to thank; my mom, Traci, and Heather for helping out at the bakery table, my mother in law for baking, my brother for coming out to show support and play games, and my cousins Candice, Gary, Eddie, and Heather for serving our guests. This was the most incredible experience! I was able to be part of every aspect of this event and learned so much. I can’t wait to tackle the project again next year. We really went in a positive direction and the results were very happy guests. I worked with a team to prepare for the event and I again am so excited that I was able to be part of something wonderful. For all those that missed it this year you are not going to want to miss next year! My mom won an American girl Doll, I won a family pack to Hollywood Park, Traci won something, and Candice won Cubs tickets…not a bad day.

The girls stayed home with dad on Sunday because the event was a little big for them to deal with at this point. I am excited and looking forward to the next event I can take them to for work because everyone wants to see how big they are getting. The next fundraiser is a small one and it is only a pick up but they will join me Saturday to pass out flowers then in August the will walk with me at the Austin Special Walk A Thon…I hope we can get them shirts in their sizes. Speaking of walks now that the Pancake Breakfast is over we can get back to focusing on our March of Dimes Walk for Babies!!

Our March of Dimes walk was supposed to be this Saturday but due to the plant pick up we had to reschedule for May 15 in McHenry. The girls will still join me and I am still pretty excited for Vanessa to make her first charitable effort. 

Vanessa has added dada, gaga, and caca to her vocabulary but momma is still her most used word.  Vanessa now has two bottom teeth in and Maise thinks that is enough teeth for a PB and J. Poor Joe nearly had a heart attack when he realized that Maise was sharing her sandwich with “Nesle”.

My “Meatball” Maise is a crazy nut she is a sneaky girl always trying to feed her sister. I am getting to the point of needing to separate them. Maise is so ready for preschool, Joe and I have started doing the research and Maise will be in school by Septmeber.  It is bitter sweet because I will miss our Lidia (babysitter) but I know it is best for Maise.

It is time to pack up old clothes again both of my babies are starting to bust at the seems we are getting crazy close to me having to buy clothes…I have been so spoiled by wonderful gifts and donations but they are finally getting out of those sizes. Watch out Visa Momma’s hitting the mall!

Now to catch you all up in photos:

Maise's Pirate Basket

Happy 1st Easter to Vanessa - Christine - and Charlie!!
(These kids are not going to be spoiled at all)

Momma and Vanessa

My sweet little Easter Bunnies!

Baskets For My Girls and their Cousins

The littlest baller

Look who is standing..

                                                                           For Me?


Have a graet week everyone!