Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How awesome is Silly Putty?

I forgot or never really knew how great this stuff is! I picked up a two pack the other day and thought it could be a great quiet time activity and I was very pleased to be correct. The original plan was to sit the kids with a news paper and what them be amazed. Then I actually read the back and was reminded it snapped when you twisted it (how fun is that?) and the directions said it picked up pencil marks. The pencil mark idea was great! I took a piece of regular copy paper and split it in two and wrote down their names, initials, a little heart, flower, and a smile face. The girls loved picking up their names off the paper on their putty. They found it to be really cool that you make it disappear and can do it again. They stretched it out as far as they could and made it turn into spaghetti. They actually were entertaining themselves for over 20 minutes. I actually had a moment to chill out in quiet! After they had enough and they started dropping it or leaving it around it was no problem. This does not make a new home of your carpet like play-doh. The container was even fun the kids thought they were like Easter eggs. . . hey that is not a bad idea to add to the filler basket.

My mom review of this timeless product is an A+!

The cost was $1.50 for two and lasted the first and second playtime and is still reusable!

Definitely will repurchase this product again!

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